MUMUS is the Monash University Medical Undergraduates' Society. We represent all 1600+ Monash University medical students based at an Australian campus. The aims of the society are to facilitate academic support, social events and support student wellbeing. Along with our 11 subcommittees, we run easily over 100 events a year (everything from concerts, the Medicine Ball to revision lectures), sit representatives



on every Faculty committee to work for you, and work with over 50 volunteers to operate everywhere from Mildura to Sale. Since its inception in 1964 MUMUS has gone through a huge number of structural and operational changes, but its main aim has remained the same - to serve Monash medical students.


Ordinary Membership

The highest level of membership in which you
agree to become a member of MUMUS.


Associate Member

A lower form of membership that is granted automatically to
all medical students enrolled at Monash University, Clayton.



Financial transactions between Ordinary Members and MUMUS are tax exempt. This enables MUMUS to run high quality events at lower costs. MUMUS Ordinary Members can also vote in MUMUS elections.



Ordinary Membership is $5.00. However if you purchase a ticket to a MUMUS event, your membership is included at no additional cost as MUMUS will discount your purchase by $5.00. Associate Membership is free.



You can become an Ordinary Member when purchasing tickets to MUMUS events at no additional cost. If you wish to purchase Ordinary Membership without purchasing a ticket to an event, click here.